"Earth Day 2020" By Anne Reynolds

Earth Day 2020

I've been a musician my whole life, playing an instrument in an orchestra, in a

Broadway show, in a recording studio. I've also taught my instrument at home

and at several different institutions. In that life, one doesn’t have much time to

think about the environment, one is chasing the next job or trying to keep up with

one’s students. It certainly never occurred to me that the air I breath into my

instrument was being degraded, that the soil from which came my food was

being polluted or that I was contributing to all of this.

This ostrich attitude has undergone a forced march change. Reading about the

pollution in Delhi or Beijing, the melting in the Anarctic, or more significantly for

me, the water pollution in site 0153 (IDEM ID number) in Indianapolis has

awakened me. Discovering the depths to which corporations will sink to make a

profit has horrified me. And watching the workings of a state legislature which

seems determined to preserve the use of fossil fuels in the face of all and any

logic has made me angry.

On this Earth Day, I hope that we all can recognize how just our little hiatus from

driving has made the air better. I hope we can change our ways: use public

transportation (once It’s safe to go out again), do more recycling and actively

support the shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. I totally support the

Youth Strike, the Elders for Climate and the goals of 350 Indiana-Indianapolis .

*This article is not in direct affiliation with YCA.

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